Why a Hampton Style Kitchen is so on Trend in Sydney

Hamptons style kitchens by Nobby Kitchens are the ultimate in coastal inspired luxury. Chic and classic, the Hampton style kitchen is radiant with natural lighting reflecting off white and pale surfaces. Where coastal design is often rustic and relaxed, Hamptons style is more refined and sophisticated. The relaxed, upscale coastal aesthetic of Hamptons style interiors lends itself to Sydney’s cosmopolitan and vibrant cultural scene, as well the sundrenched coastal vibe of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and nautical harbour location. 

Consider this style for new kitchens and kitchen renovations, to create a modern, timeless kitchen.

What is Hamptons Style?

Hamptons interior design style is named after the style of coastal residences in New York’s premier summer vacation spot in the Hamptons on Long Island. It is an American design style based on a mixture of French interior design styles. The interior style usually features crisp, coastal white décor with accents of navy, light blue, or soft grey, accented with timber. Large, light-filled windows are common, as well as simple, well-constructed furnishings. Furnishings are made of natural materials and may feature understated textiles such as pinstripes. 

The modern Hampton Style Kitchen in Sydney has come to be synonymous with the contemporary white farmhouse style kitchen, a generous entertaining space that is the hub of the family home. Whilst design elements of the Hamptons style will still work well in compact kitchen designs, the luxury of a large family kitchen makes the Hamptons style extremely popular. 

Hamptons style kitchen designs ideally have:

  • Very generous proportions 
  • Plenty of natural light
  • One or more large islands 
  • White or pale shaker style kitchen cabinets 
  • Modern sophisticated pendant lighting
  • White décor with natural wooden accents

Co-ordinating colours and materials can include:

  • White and pale grey marble, stone or Caesarstone benchtops
  • Timber shelving 
  • Timber or marbled stone tabletops
  • Dark wood floorboards or stone floor tiles

Why is the Hamptons Style on Trend?

The Hampton style kitchen embodies sophistication and class. A descendant of the farmhouse kitchen, which was popularised as the hub of the working homestead in rural areas, the modern, upscale Hamptons style kitchen also favours generous entertaining spaces. 

Timeless kitchen designs are often very popular with homeowners who like to ignore trends and prefer modern kitchen designs that will keep well over time. New kitchens in the Hamptons style are comfortable, practical, unfussy, light-filled, airy, and welcoming.

New kitchens in this style also feature quality, durable furnishings and finishes that are made of natural or breathable materials. This is very on trend with the current ethos for sustainable, natural, non-synthetic materials. 

On Trend Features of a Hamptons Style Kitchen

To get the most up-to-date trends in your Hampton kitchen, we’ve come up with a list of modern adjustments that exemplify both the style and 2022 trends. 


Use modern statement pendant lighting to accentuate your Hampton’s kitchen. Consider brass tones for your classic pendant lighting or striking geometric cages with black accents and translucent casings for a classic lighting scheme. 


Benchtops for Hampton style kitchens are often stone or Caesarstone benchtops with a white theme and pale grey marbled effects. A modern trend for 2022 benchtops is a thinner stone benchtop, which looks elegant and has clean modern lines. 


Whilst classic dark wood or lighter toned timber floorboards will never go out of style, large stone tiles with marbling are popular in 2022. These elegant floors are in shades of monochromatic grey and white. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Most Hamptons style design still favours the classic recessed shaker style cabinet with white painted timber cabinet doors. Modern trends use smaller, less obtrusive handles in brass tones or black.

Shaker style panels can hide small butler’s pantries or bars recessed discreetly into walls. Some designs favour two colour cabinet door combinations, with cabinets beneath benches in a darker colour like navy or grey, and the top cabinets in classic crisp white. 

Sinks and Tapware

A deep farmhouse sink with a high arched mixer is a staple of Hampton style kitchens. For a variation on chrome or brass, try contemporary black tapware. You may also enjoy technologically advanced taps that have auto-sensors that can turn the water on and off without touching the tap. 


An interesting take on the Hampton’s style is to put traditional white vertical panelling in an unexpected place. Seeing coastal wood panelling on the side of a kitchen island, rather than a wall, is an unexpected surprise. 

There is a new trend for putting a stove top on a kitchen island, with a statement range hovering over the stove. This way you can cook and serve at the same table!


As an alternative to classic white subway tile, there are some great options for splashbacks. Narrow monochromatic tiles in varied tones of light greys look very elegant in a herringbone pattern. 

Stone splashbacks are also making a comeback. Marbled white and light grey stone looks elegant and refined beneath white shaker cabinets. 

Discreet Butler’s Pantry

Discreet shaker panels and doors in panelled walls hide your butler’s pantry away from curious eyes. Butler’s pantries are wonderfully popular in Hampton’s kitchens, as they elevate the entertaining potential of your kitchen. Butler’s pantries are fitted with useful touches, such as sinks and benchtops, so your party leftovers can be put away out of sight, and then dealt with after your guests have left for the evening. 

Black Fittings

For 2022 we’ve noticed an interesting trend for black fittings. From black tapware to cabinet handles, to black pendant lighting, elegant black is replacing brass and chrome for a contemporary take on the Hampton’s style. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and design your own Hamptons style kitchen, you can find some great ideas and inspiration at the Nobby Kitchens showroom in Sydney. 

Nobby Kitchens offers high quality Hamptons style and modern kitchen designs and kitchen renovations in Sydney. Visit one of our showrooms today.

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