Kitchen Renovation Lighting Ideas to Brighten the Heart of the Home

If you’re looking to design a new kitchen and upgrade your kitchen appliances, Nobby Kitchens can help with fresh ideas for Sydney kitchen renovations. One of the most important considerations when renovating a kitchen is quality lighting. Ideally, you need bright task lighting for meal preparation without shadows and illuminating lights to set the mood and show off the architecture of your home. Let’s look at some other lovely lighting ideas that improve the functionality of your cooking and the style of your dining space.

Emphasise Natural Light

Modern kitchen design focuses on natural light, whether it’s from strategically placed windows, skylights, or sliding glass doors. Natural light should be prioritised along with kitchen cabinets and finishes, to achieve a light, airy, and cohesive look. The professionals here at Nobby Kitchens recommend planning the installation of your lighting and plumbing at the same time. This is to ensure your kitchen renovation project has all the right systems in place to support natural light, along with surface, recessed, and pendant lighting.

Capitalise on High Ceilings

Something else to consider in a kitchen renovation project is high ceilings. The best Sydney kitchen renovations use tall ceilings to their advantage, pairing the extra height with feature pendants that draw the eye up. For kitchen island lighting, it’s important to keep pendant lights balanced at the right height and distance. This will help with cooking and entertaining, always ensuring adequate light over kitchen appliances.

Mix and Match Modern Styles

When you decide to renovate and design a new kitchen, you get to choose how dramatic you want your kitchen lighting to be. For a bright and beautiful kitchen, try mixing and matching modern light fixtures. This is often known as layered lighting. Layered lighting is when you use several different lighting styles to create a well-balanced living space. Finding your favourite sweet snacks late at night is a struggle no more, with ample lighting features.

Have fun with different shapes or colours or opt for a subtle yet stylish contrast with new matching pendants in slightly different shades.

Design a New Kitchen with Sydney’s Trusted Design Specialists

Now that you have a few lighting concepts up your sleeve, it’s time to take the next step in upgrading your kitchen. Contact Nobby Kitchens today to discuss more ideas for Sydney kitchen renovations.

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