Warranty Service

If the defective product falls under the manufacturer’s warranty, Nobby Kitchens will, at its option, either:

  • Arrange repair of the defected warranted product by the manufacturer; or
  • Arrange replacement of the defective warranted product by the manufacturer.

If a warranted product is no longer available and cannot be repaired, the manufacturer, at its absolute discretion, may replace the warranted product with a substituted item which would be as close as possible in dimension / function and colour. The manufacturer however, cannot guarantee that the replacement item will be exactly the same in all aspects when compared with the original item.

Submit Warranty Claim

    Please note, claims will not be accepted unless the original proof of home ownership and product purchase invoice and date is provided together with the appropriate warranty certificate (at time of purchase) is supplied to Nobby Kitchens.

    Nobby Kitchens has the right to have any alleged faulty product/s inspected by an authorised Nobby Kitchens representative prior to any claim being processed.

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