Top 5 Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Kitchen renovation can be a challenging time for anyone and without guidance, mistakes are most common and can not only be costly to fix, but sometimes can’t be fixed without changing the complete design and start from scratch.

In order to avoid kitchen renovation no go’s here are some of the most common mistakes that people make. Watch and learn so you can ace your own kitchen design that lasts years to come.

3 Step Triangle

The 3 step triangle refers to the placement of your main appliances and how convenient they are in the area. Your fridge, sink and oven should be within a step of each other, otherwise you may find yourself walking back and forth more frequently than you should. This subtle design element may seem insignificant, but it can enhance the functionality of your kitchen dramatically. 


It’s easy to get carried away with styles and colours that are on trends and popular, however, people often forget how the style of the kitchen with impact the rest of the house. As the kitchen is the heart of the home and the most permanent fixture in the house, it is generally sets the tone for the rest of the house. If you have a classic style throughout your home that pays homage to your home’s heritage but you choose a contemporary and sleek style kitchen, it is important to consider if the style will look out of place or if it will force you to change your current furniture. The best solution for this problem is to decide if you are willing to change the entire style of your home or to retain your current theme, which will be contingent on your budget and preferences.


If there is any possibility of adding an island, take advantage of it! Even if you think you’re tight on space, discuss your options with your designer, as having an island is not only functional but it will boost your property value significantly. 

Not only does an island create more storage and workspace, it is a crucial design element that can transform the style and size of your kitchen, so make sure you consider all your options.

Cutting Corners

There’s nothing worse than when your enjoying your new kitchen and a hinge becomes loose or having a faulty drawer. Rushing the process, or trying to save money in areas that shouldn’t be compromised is a common mistake for many. A kitchen is an investment, as it is not something that can be easily changed, so ensuring that it is high quality is essential. It can be tempting to choose to save money on elements such as hardware or finishes, but these are the first things to get damaged and need replacement. Seeing your kitchen as a long term commitment can help you make better choices for your lifestyle. 


Choosing appliances can be overwhelming due to the endless options out there. The first step of choosing appliances should be reflecting on the relationship you have with your current ones. Do you find yourself running out of space in your freezer or do you get frustrated every time you use your cooktop because the rings aren’t big enough use multiple pots? Create a list of things that are a priority for preferences such as an energy saving dishwasher or an oven with extra room. Keep these things in mind when selecting appliances as it makes the process of designing a kitchen simple, when you know what you want! 

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