Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips for 2022 in Sydney

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Kitchen renovations in Sydney are a growing trend in 2022. From people looking to upgrade their space to others who want to come up with fresh and new kitchen designs in their homes, there are several kitchen renovation ideas to choose from this year.

Tile Backsplashes

A great kitchen remodel idea for 2022 includes the use of tile backsplashes with gloss finishes instead of matte ones. However, this does mean that glass splashbacks in Sydney are not trending anymore.

Layered Lighting

Another kitchen remodel idea to adopt this year is the art of layered lighting. This is essential to designing a unique and distinguished kitchen.

Out-of-the-Box Colour Pairings

Why not try some unusual colours? Between your kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, kitchen benchtops, and other kitchen accessories, you can really make a statement this year.

Kitchen Appliances in Drawers

In 2022, many people are opting for a kitchen renovation that includes installing their kitchen appliances in Sydney, such as the dishwashers and refrigerators, into drawers.

Installing New Pantries

A kitchen redesign must include the installation of new pantries. This will provide the best storage solution for a kitchen in Sydney.

Gold Finishes Are a Trend in 2022

Shiny and brushed gold finishes are a thing in 2022. Such attractive and luxurious finishes can be added to your sinks, cabinet door handles, faucets, and other kitchen accessories during your next kitchen remodel project.

Hoods With Unique Finishes

Consider installing hoods with fancy finishes, such as etched zinc or copper.

Glass Partitions

Installing a glass partition between your kitchen and the other rooms of your house will contain the smells and noise coming out of the kitchen.

Use Natural Stone

For your next kitchen redesign project in Newcastle, use natural stones such as marble and granite. Those will add much luxury to your kitchen.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Finishes

Don’t forget to be socially and environmentally responsible by selecting recycled materials wherever possible for your next kitchen renovation in Sydney.

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