Trendiest Kitchen Types Explained by the Experts

Light home interior in beige colors with open kitchen and dining area with bar counter. Interior design concept.

A kitchen’s success is mainly determined by its layout. That is the way in which the kitchen appliances, countertops, storage spaces, and kitchen benchtops are harmoniously arranged. Whatever the kitchen’s size or shape, its functionality and attractiveness depend on a well-balanced layout. If you’re planning for a kitchen renovation in Newcastle or you want to design a new kitchen in Sydney, you must know what type of kitchen you’re going to adopt.

When kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances are placed against a single wall, we speak about the one-wall kitchen type. The latter was known previously as the “Pullman Kitchen”. Such a kitchen type is best suited to studio apartments and lofts. Another equally attractive type of kitchen is the galley kitchen. It is characterised by two walls facing each other. Such layout is best used for small kitchens and snug spaces. Whether you want to install a Hampton style kitchen, country style kitchen, Scandinavian style kitchen, or any other style of a room, you have the option to choose the type that you find best suitable for your home and space.

The U-Shaped and Island Kitchen Types

The U-shaped kitchen divides the room from the rest of the house and defines the cooking zone. This kitchen wraps around three walls and is perfect for small kitchens separate from the living and dining rooms. On the other hand, the island kitchen type is the most trendy and suits larger kitchens. It is recommended for people who use their kitchens for socialising and entertainment. Other kinds of kitchens in Newcastle include the peninsula kitchen layout and the L-shaped kitchen layout.

Get Your Perfect Kitchen Style From Nobby Kitchens

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