Renovate Your Kitchen to Suit Your Family & Lifestyle

When it comes to kitchen redesign and renovations, no one gets the job done better than Nobby Kitchens. Our family-owned business uses 80 years of industry experience and impressive attention to detail to create kitchen designs that make sense for your family and lifestyle. 

We believe the best Sydney kitchen renovations can transform a tired, cramped space into an open, inviting kitchen that is perfect for families. Keep reading to learn more about renovating your kitchen to better suit your needs.

Form vs. Function

Let’s start with one of the most important considerations with kitchen designs: how functional is the space? Think about what you like and don’t like in your current kitchen. Do you wish you had more storage space or that your kitchen appliances weren’t so hard to reach? What about the colour and material of your kitchen benchtops and cabinetry? 

You can chat through all your kitchen wants and needs during the customised design process, including options to maximise form without sacrificing function.

Cooking Space

Many Aussie families choose to renovate their kitchens to add more space for food prep and cooking. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen making delicious meals, then you’ll want to prioritise kitchen benchtops and smart storage. Perhaps even a butler’s pantry is worth consideration, as this space can work wonders in enhancing your kitchen. 

If cooking isn’t a top priority, however, you may be able to forego some of the fancy features for a more classic kitchen that works with your lifestyle.

Entertaining Goals

Entertaining in your dream kitchen isn’t far off with the right renovation team. You just need to chat through your vision with a kitchen design expert who can help bring your ideal layout to life. 

For those who like a large, open space for cooking and connecting with family and friends, a spacious kitchen with a large eat-in area is the way to go. A more enclosed kitchen with a formal dining room may work better, if you prefer a separate area for cooking and entertaining.

Bring Your Kitchen Redesign Goals to Life with Nobby Kitchens

Nobby Kitchens is here to help with everything from kitchen designs to kitchen benchtops and specifics. Speak to Sydney’s leaders in kitchen redesign today to get started on your renovation project.

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