Top Kitchen Trends & Styles in Australia in 2022

Modern kitchen interior with gray and white brick walls, a concrete floor and gray and wooden countertops.

Like every year, many kitchen trends impress Australians to remodel, renew, and upgrade their space to a more creative, innovative, and modern kitchen design. For instance, in 2022, you can find a variety of high-quality kitchen styles at several reputable companies in Australia. Whether you own a massive home or live in a rented small apartment, there’s a high chance you may have thought about a kitchen renovation in Sydney or any other region of Australia. After all, a kitchen is where one prepares their meals, spends a big chunk of the day inside, and even entertains their family and friends in this unique space.

Modern Kitchen Designs and Kitchen Renovations in Sydney

Many kitchen trends and designs are worth considering for an upgrade in 2022, including the unique tiled kitchen backsplash with glossy finishes instead of matt ones. This gives the room a unique atmosphere because it reflects the light around the space. Another creative and attractive new design for a kitchen cabinet is using natural materials, such as granite, marble, or unpainted wood cabinets. Such designs have a rich aesthetic quality.

A reputable kitchen design company will offer the most innovative kitchen designs and kitchen renovations in Sydney in 2022. One of the kitchen trends that Nobby Kitchens provides to their clients includes the Ascot design, which blends modern practicality with traditional design. There’s also the classy Blaxland design, the comfortable Bordeaux design, and the iconic Bowral design, among many others. People have the option to choose their next kitchen style from a wide range of colours and characteristics when visiting Nobby Kitchens in Sydney.

Choose Your New Kitchen Trend in Sydney in 2022

Reach out to the professional experts at Nobby Kitchens in Sydney today, and order the latest and highest quality new kitchen trends and styles of 2022. Get your free quote today by calling 02 9498 1377.

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