Choose the Perfect Size for Your New Kitchens in Sydney

Designing kitchen renovations can be an exciting but challenging process. You can create the kitchen you’ve always wanted, however, you still need to work within your home’s size constraints and budget, to ensure the cost of kitchen renovations isn’t more than you can afford. In this article, Nobby kitchens gives you some tips on planning for your kitchen appliances, measuring your benchtop space, and making your kitchen designs ergonomic, for kitchen renovations Sydney wide. 

Ergonomics for Kitchen Renovations

When planning new kitchens don’t forget to consider the ergonomic distance between your kitchen appliances and Caesarstone benchtops for optimised food preparation. The kitchen work triangle refers to the distance between the stovetop, fridge and sink and how easy it is to move from appliance to appliance. Consider which parts of the kitchen you are likely to use the most to prepare food and keep those close at hand. For your dishwasher, it is sensible to plan to keep your dishes in cupboards near or next to your dishwasher, but not directly above it. That would be inefficient when the dishwasher is open for unloading dishes. 

Other ergonomic considerations include your sink size. A deeper sink with a high arch mixer won’t splash up water from the basin. A larger farmhouse sink also allows you enough space to wash large pots and pans. 

Avoid placing your refrigerator next to your stovetop. Both devices will have to work extra hard to create heated and cooled air. When installing a stove top, ensure there is at least 30mm of space next to your stove tops, so pots can sit safely. 

Size Up Your Kitchen Designs

Create your modern kitchen designs to meet the needs of your family both in the present and future. An experienced kitchen builder like Nobby Kitchens can professionally measure your kitchen and draw design plans, but if you are not at that stage yet, it may be a good starting point to size up new kitchens by measuring the longest wall. Think about the type of layouts you want and consider drawing up a rough plan or sketch. 

Many people will begin the planning stage of their kitchen renovations by positioning their sink, cooktop and major kitchen appliances, such as your refrigerator, within a few steps of each other and then planning around them. 

The measurement for your timber or Caesarstone benchtops typically starts at 600mm deep, but keep in mind that you don’t want your dishwasher to stick out! It is worthwhile measuring the depth and width of the refrigerator and other kitchen appliances you are planning to install. 

The standard height for a benchtop is about 900mm. Some people may find it ergonomically easier to raise or lower benches to be between 850mm to 1000mm to suit the height of the cook, but keep in mind the height of any appliances that sit beneath the bench, such as your dishwasher, and make sure the bench can clear it.

If you are planning a galley kitchen, or placing an island or peninsula in your kitchen, it is recommended that the floor space between these benches is 1200mm (minimum 1000mm). Any wider than 1200mm may not be as ergonomically efficient. Any smaller than 1000mm may be too narrow.

Cost of Kitchen Renovations & Choosing the Best Layout

It’s time to start thinking about your layout. How large should your living space and dining spaces be in an open plan design? Will your dining space be incorporated into a kitchen peninsula or island? 

There are several kitchen layouts you can use to suit your house space. Some of the most popular kitchen layouts include galley kitchens that are designed for long narrow spaces, L-shaped or straight line modern kitchen designs with or without an island, or U-shaped kitchen designs that work well in compact spaces. Is your kitchen large enough for a bar, or a butler’s pantry? Does the cost of kitchen renovations you have budgeted for allow for structural renovations such as resizing windows, moving doorways, or altering walls? Answer all these questions and more, with the experts at Nobby Kitchens.

Choosing a Kitchen Design You Like

We believe that it is beneficial to visit kitchen showrooms, and look at examples of kitchen designs for inspiration if you’re not quite sure what style of kitchen you’d like. Some of the more popular modern kitchen designs include Hamptons Style coastal kitchens, rustic kitchens, industrial style kitchens and minimalist kitchens. Each has a different design aesthetic that helps to bind the disparate elements of your kitchen into a balanced whole. 

The Stages of Planning Your Kitchen

Once you have a good idea of what you want from your kitchen, it is time to start talking to kitchen builders and choosing your kitchen. 

Quoting the Cost of Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen builder will be able to accurately quote the cost of kitchen renovations you have requested so that you can work to your budget. Some early considerations will be whether you are using gas or electricity and where your plumbing is located. Also consider whether you are installing new flooring, as this will need to be laid before your kitchen is installed. When you book a free appointment with Nobby Kitchens, our expert design team will discuss your vision, style and the budget for your kitchen.

Draw Up Your Kitchen Plans

Ask your kitchen designer or builder to draw up plans for your kitchen. Your kitchen plans will consider the storage requirements of your cabinets, how your appliances fit into your layout, and the position of the doors and windows within your available space.

Making Space for Your Appliances

In consultation with your builder, it is important to select your appliances before building to ensure that they fit and that you have the required clearance around them to conform to Australian standards. There should be space for ventilation around ovens and fridges. 

The Advantages of Using a Custom Kitchen Designer

If you have an unusually shaped space or would like custom additions such as a butler’s pantry, using a custom kitchen designer like Nobby Kitchens for your kitchen renovations will help you to make the most of your available space. Now, you are more likely to make your dream kitchen a reality. 

Choose Nobby Kitchens for your new kitchens and kitchen renovations Sydney wide. Contact us today for a quote or visit one of our Sydney showrooms

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