Creative Ways to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances

Every kitchen in Australia relies on their kitchen appliances, each of which play an important function at mealtimes. Most homes have a fridge, dishwasher, blender, toaster, and quite a few others. No matter how big or small, each appliance has its purpose, and we can’t very well do without them. So how do we make them fit seamlessly into our lives without cluttering up the Caesarstone benchtops? 

With so many appliances in your kitchen, is it possible to store them in creative, subtle ways, while preserving the aesthetic of your new kitchen designs? Here at Nobby Kitchens, we specialise in beautiful new kitchen designs without compromising on functionality and storage. In this post, we offer our expert advice on how to conceal your kitchen appliances using creative kitchen cabinets, multifunction kitchen benchtops and appliance pantries. 

Create an Appliance Pantry 

In a modern kitchen, a pantry is more than just a place to store dry goods. With the number of appliances used in homes, having a small appliance pantry dedicated to storing electronics can make life a lot simpler. As specialists in kitchen renovations Sydney-wide, Nobby Kitchens recommends including an appliance pantry where toasters, juicers and blenders can be stored when they are not in use. A microwave, which takes up a lot of space on the kitchen counter, can be stored in a pantry instead, so that it can be accessed easily when needed but is easily concealed the rest of the time. 

Kitchen showrooms like Nobby Kitchens will often recommend built-in microwaves, but do keep in mind that the venting frames of these units can be challenging to maintain. 

Custom Designed Fridge Overlays

Naturally, refrigerators take up the most space in a kitchen. While they are the most important appliance in the kitchen, and manufacturers do their very best to make them look sleek, they almost always clash with the décor. No matter how big or small your fridge is, there’s always a way to make it seamlessly blend in with the look of your modern contemporary kitchen, your Hampton style kitchen or your industrial décor, by using a fridge overlay. 

Fridge overlays are designed to perfectly match the rest of the kitchen and are installed directly on the surface of the fridge to conceal it. 

Find Storage with Slide-Out Kitchen Cabinets 

Slide-out cabinets are designed to look just like regular kitchen cabinets, but with one crucial difference. These cabinets are built with deep bases that offer a surprising amount of storage space without taking up extra room in the kitchen. Well-designed slide-out cabinets can store blenders, air fryers and even small dough machines that can end up occupying a lot of space. 

Choose a Stylish Kitchen Island 

One of our favourite ways to create more storage space is to install a kitchen island. High quality kitchen showrooms like ours offer pre-built kitchen islands for sale, which can be customised to suit your needs. Kitchen islands offer a significant amount of counter space as well as aesthetically designed, deep storage spaces underneath. The storage space allows you to keep appliances from view and yet remain accessible. At Nobby Kitchens, we design kitchen islands with a wide range of stone benchtop options, including Caesarstone benchtops, to suit every kind of space. 

Install an Appliance Hutch

Does your kitchen have several mismatched appliances creating clutter? Instead of hunting for new spaces to keep your appliances, we recommend creating one dedicated space for all of them. An appliance hutch is an efficient, compact storage unit designed with enough space for small and medium electronics. These handy storage units can be customised to perfectly match the look of any kitchen, while doing a perfect job of keeping kitchen appliances out of sight.

Store Appliances in an Elegant Freestanding Armoire

While it is easy to add storage solutions during the renovation or building phase, it can be challenging to find the right piece of additional storage for an existing kitchen. Luckily, a freestanding armoire is the ideal way to boost storage space for appliances without occupying too much room in the kitchen. 

Armoires are usually designed to be tall and narrow, so that they can provide storage space without looking bulky and inconvenient. An armoire can be used to store every appliance in the kitchen, much like a closet for kitchen electronics. Concealing kitchen appliances frees up significant counter space and keeps the carefully designed aesthetic of a kitchen intact. 

Appliance Cubbies as Creative Storage Solutions

If you need extra storage but are tired of the monotony of kitchen cabinets, a kitchen appliance cubby could be the right choice for you. No matter what style of kitchen you have in your home, installing sleek, minimalistic cubbies allows you to have easy access to everyday appliances. For homes with small or narrow kitchens, or where installing new cabinets isn’t practical, cubbies could be the best way to add storage without compromising on space. 

Hiding in Plain Sight with Built-In Appliances

Are you looking for a completely different way to conceal your larger appliances? Built-in versions of your favourite appliances could provide the solution you are looking for. In kitchens with a minimalist design, mismatched appliances tend to stand out to the point of becoming an eyesore. If adding extra storage space for appliances is not a viable option, it may be possible to revamp the space by installing built-in dishwashers, refrigeration drawers and more. These perfectly match the rest of the kitchen and create the impression of one, uninterrupted colour palette.

Cutting-Edge Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Established in 1939, Nobby Kitchens has maintained a reputation as a trusted, respected brand for the better part of a century. We provide New South Wales with kitchen consultancy services for a wide range of projects. From kitchen benchtops, accessories and appliances to end-to-end kitchen designs, we have the skill and experience needed to make every dream kitchen a reality. Contact us today to find out more. 

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