Sydney Kitchen Designs: Ideas You Need to Consider

Modern era new kitchens have become more than a place to cook and prepare meals. They are the hub and heart of the home, where the household meets to eat, interact, and socialise. Modern kitchen designs offer the potential for integrated kitchen and living spaces and indoor/outdoor kitchen designs to increase your entertaining space. Nobby Kitchens looks at the latest modern kitchen designs, kitchen appliances, and trends for new kitchens. We present ideas you need to consider for your kitchen renovations Sydney wide.

The Layout of New Kitchens

Some common layouts for new kitchens include galley, L-shaped, kitchen islands and U-shaped kitchen layouts. Indoor/outdoor spaces can be emphasised through the connection to an outdoor entertaining area. Some layouts make the most of compact spaces, others favour long narrow spaces. Often the design and dimensions of your home will determine the most suitable layout for your space.

Galley Kitchens

This design is ideal for long, narrow spaces in your home. Galley kitchens stretch across at least one length of a room in a straight line. In enclosed rooms, they may include a second parallel straight row of benches and appliances against the opposite wall. In this style of layout, it is common to have doorways at both ends of the kitchen. Single row galley kitchens are very popular in open plan designs. Often this form of galley may be paired with a large kitchen island to give it extra functions such as bar seating or more kitchen cabinets for storage. 

L-Shaped Kitchens

Most L-shaped kitchens are designed for rooms that have squarer dimensions, as they utilise two walls connected by a corner. Benches, stoves, kitchen appliances, and kitchen cabinets are mere steps from each other. An L-shaped kitchen allows for a small breakfast table or free-standing island to be placed within the square footprint of your kitchen, or it can be left bare. The L-shaped design is suitable for compact spaces, but it may also be adapted for larger spaces. Since most of the fixed cabinetry is built on two walls, it may suit rooms where your third wall is dominated by scenic French doors leading to your outdoor space, or long rectangular open plan layouts flowing into an entertaining area. 

U-Shaped Kitchens

U-shaped kitchens may be the best kitchen layout for compact spaces. In this design, there is only one entry point to the kitchen, and the other three walls can be used to add bench space and storage. In an open plan design, a bench level peninsula may stand in place of a wall to define the perimeters of your kitchen. An island or peninsula breakfast bar can eliminate the need for a dedicated dining space in smaller homes and provide much needed kitchen storage.

Some of the most popular interior kitchen designs include modern versions of coastal, rustic, and minimalist styles. Considering examples of different interior design styles can provide useful templates to give you inspiration for your own kitchen renovations and help you to refine your choices.

Coastal Design Kitchens

Coastal design is a popular, relaxed style inspired by beachside living. Coastal design favours light-filled spaces, the use of natural materials like wood and natural fibres, and colour palettes or motifs inspired by the ocean. An upscale version of coastal design is the elegant and sophisticated Hamptons Style. It favours crisp coastal whites, shaker style white cabinetry, generous proportions, accents in dark blue, dark green, pale blues or greys, dark timber flooring and natural neutral tones. As a luxury style, Hamptons design is ideal for creating kitchen spaces designed for entertaining and making the kitchen the social hub of your home. 

Rustic Design Kitchens

Rustic design kitchens favour the use of natural materials such as timber, stone, and metal. Australian rustic kitchens are often based on the country homestead aesthetic. Rustic design favours warm earthy pieces in simpler styles made with nature-based materials, furniture, and textiles. Exposed rafters and stonework, large practical timber benches or tables and farmhouse sinks are common. 

Generous kitchen appliances and a large layout is typical of rustic design, which emphasises the kitchen as a communal family meeting space. When considering the design of your rustic kitchen renovations, consider timber flooring, timber or Caesarstone benchtops, and plenty of warm, natural lighting.

Minimalist Style Kitchens

The minimalist style is an understated and discreet style that eschews embellishment for simplicity. It favours uncluttered spaces, discreet storage, and quality furniture with clean lines. Some modern trends for minimalist design include thinner stone benchtops, oversized sinks, organic materials, monochromatic colour schemes and a scullery for hiding your mess away. Contrasting kitchen cabinets for top and bottom are a new trend, as are stone backsplashes. Minimalist design lets the textures and tones of wood and stone speak by not favouring distracting embellishments.

Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Features

The styling details available for kitchens can make or break your kitchen design. Lighting, storage, tapware, sinks, and stove tops are key elements to bringing your design to life. Modern kitchen designs offer various options for display and storage, including open shelving, discreet kitchen cabinets, island storage, and butler’s pantries.

On Trend Benchtops & Sink Ideas

Consider wood, stone or Caesarstone benchtops for on-trend bench and table surfaces. Deep farmhouse-style metal or stone sinks add practicality and a classy aesthetic to your kitchen. Consider copper, brass, or black taps for a new take on your tapware. 

Kitchen Cabinets and Storage Ideas

Discreet cabinetry is very popular with the minimalist design. Shaker cabinets add elegance to your Hamptons style kitchen. Contrasting kitchen cabinetry with lighter colours or wood tones on the top, and a darker row of kitchen cabinet doors on the bottom, is also on trend. A modern butler’s pantry is a highly desired addition to new homes. Islands are very popular both for additional seating, and the extra storage space and seating they can provide. 

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Statement chandeliers in modern styles are popular choices for interior design styles that favour bold choices. Pendant lighting or discreetly hidden recessed lighting is very on trend with minimalist design.

Kitchen Appliances and Stovetops

An island stove top with a designer range hood is a popular new trend in new kitchens. Some range tops feature auto sensors and on-trend minimalist designs. Consider the way your kitchen appliances will be configured for ergonomic use and which styles are available for your space. 

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