5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Kitchen

1. What’s included in your contract?

It’s important to thoroughly read the terms of your contract, as once it is signed there is little you can do to change it. It’s important to check to see if there are any hidden costs or extras that can significantly increase the cost of your project and affect the completion date. It is also important to know if you will be paying for trades separately or direct. Some companies may offer an estimate, however, it will be subject to change which may cause you to go over budget. At Nobby Kitchen’s our contracts are with no hidden costs or extras, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

2. Do they have insurance?

Do they have Home Warranty Insurance (HWI)? If not, your best option is to reconsider. HWI is important in the event something goes wrong in the building process. Some companies will have separate contracts in order to avoid paying for HWI, leaving you liable if something goes wrong. We supply all our customers with an HWI certificate, so you can be reassured that you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

3. How long is your warranty?

It is important to check how long your warranty will last and what the warranty will cover. If the company hasn’t been in business as long as their warranty, it may be difficult to guarantee that they will be able to cover the cost. We have a ten-year warranty on all of our kitchens and we also have a lifetime warranty on Blum drawer runners and hinges, so you can have luxury finishes without worrying about repairs. 

4. Do they have a builder’s licence?

If your chosen contractor cannot provide information about their builder’s licence, it is best to select an alternative company. If you are uncertain, you can cross-check their information with the Department of Fair Trading. Nobby Kitchens’ license number is 227580C.

5. Reviews

It’s important to know if the company you have chosen has satisfied customers and have produced high-quality kitchens. It is also good to check reviews that are recent, as old reviews may not reflect their current service and staff. At Nobby Kitchen’s, we are always happy to provide customers with written reviews and images of our work.

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