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We had Nobby Kitchens take on a large project for us in December 2017. We had some time pressures and challenges and they arrived with a positive attitude to everything. The people at Nobby have all been professional, supportive and committed to all aspects of what they do. We are extremely happy with the outcome and found the process to be a very positive experience. The kitchen is stunning and practical and we would highly recommend Nobby to anyone that is thinking about renovating their kitchen!!

Steven's Family


The Stevens family were looking for a kitchen design and layout that would welcome family and friends into the centre of their home. Moving away from a U-shaped kitchen, the Stevens chose sophistication with a spacious kitchen island, butler’s pantry and top of the range kitchen appliances.

“The original kitchen was a U-shaped, cream-coloured space with dark granite benches. The homeowners wanted their new kitchen to be a family area where the children could sit and interact with each other while being separate from the main cooking space and its mess. We designed a butler’s pantry large enough for all the appliances and to store food, with room for meal preparation. The laundry and mudroom were also designed to keep the work and storage areas close but separate, a combination of beauty and efficiency. We had to take into account the cathedral ceiling windows and fireplace features of the room, as well as the client’s brief for a handleless design. The handmade wall tiles are a combination of matt and gloss to match the finishes throughout the room. The kitchen was relocated to the opposite side of the room, allowing for the extension of the laundry and mudroom, as well as the butler’s pantry. Skylights and ceiling lighting illuminate this luxurious multipurpose room, showcasing its highly functional and sleek design. The room is well balanced, minimalist and modern. We were delighted to be part of the clients’ vision and to help them create their dream kitchen.” John Barton, Nobby Kitchens Designer

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