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We were very lucky to have Alex as our project manager who was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond to make sure everything was 100% perfect. That is the huge benefit of Nobbys - the brilliant planning and execution and the quality of tradespeople - particularly the cabinetry and bench installer Jason and Nick who are the master craftsmen at what they do. Thanks again, we are delighted with the final result.

Hyde Family


This client’s original, small space wasn’t ideal for their lifestyle. So they got in touch with Nobby Kitchens to organise a much-needed renovation. The project was far from simple, but it’s clear that all the hard work and long hours spent on this project delivered an incredible result.

“The walls that surrounded the previous kitchen were removed when the project began, opening up the space to the living room. The kitchen was moved to a better location with the working triangle now near the large window, ensuring plentiful natural light is available to the cook when preparing meals. Tall cabinetry was placed at the far end of the kitchen and overhead cabinetry was integrated above the stove, providing ample storage space. A breakfast bar was included for casual dining, and a buffet and wine storage area were placed a stone’s throw away. This kitchen is a perfect space for meal prep, dining and entertaining, and will no doubt be loved for years to come.” Ruard Gerritsen, Nobby Kitchens Designer

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