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Extremely happy with our new kitchen. The process was flawless from start to finish. The Nobby Kitchens' team strives to provide exceptional service and make the experience stress free.

Morgan Family


The Morgan family were after a modern and effortlessly classy kitchen design. They wanted to fit this dream kitchen into the current build, allowing for a seamless blend into the family home. This spacious and elegant look delivered nothing less than class and perfection for the Morgan family.

“This modern kitchen is part of a new build with an unusual layout. Our biggest challenge was to wrap the cabinets around a set of stairs and use a cavity slider door without disrupting the seamless look of the kitchen. The horizontal lines of the cabinetry and flooring draw your eye across the room, allowing you to take in the sleek space in its entirety. The area travels smoothly and harmoniously from the kitchen through to the butler’s pantry and laundry. Handleless drawers complete this smooth look, while simultaneously ensuring easy functionality in the space. The large island allows for plenty of workspace and room for the family to sit together. Storage is incorporated into the space through the many cabinets and drawers, ensuring there is a place for everything.” John Barton, Nobby Kitchens Designer

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