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Splashbacks Sydney

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The splashback has one of the toughest jobs in your kitchen. Every day it's in the firing line, protecting your kitchen walls from fry pan oil, plops from bubbling pasta sauces and countless other sticky, oily and gooey kitchen arsenal. If that's not enough, they also have another job to perform. They need to look good! They need to tie in with your cupboards and set off your benchtops. What a job they have!

If you're looking for splashbacks in Sydney then you've come to the right place. You have a lot of options to consider when choosing a splashback and your final decision will be dependent on your choice of benchtop, cupboards and the overall look of your kitchen design.

Sometimes, the splashback can be the feature of your entire design, adding personality and style. Imagine, for example, white kitchen benchtops and cupboards with bright red or orange splashbacks, or any 'pop' colour you desire. For others, the splashback needs to blend into the design and do its job quietly without being noticed.

Glass splashbacks in Sydney homes are popular at the moment. This is because they are durable, timeless, easy to clean and come in an infinite range of colours

There are also alternatives we can show you that other kitchen installers in Sydney might not suggest. Visit our showroom and we can chat with you about your requirements, your design ideas and what's achievable within your budget. Let us do our job so that your splashback can do its job well!